Light Blue Sounds

by Information Paradox

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Produced and Engineered by Jarrett Alarcon
Mixed by Oscar Cardenas
Album Artwork by Kailey Ruiz, Sean Haywood, and Jarrett Alarcon
Album Layout by Brad Gentry

Information Paradox is:
Jarrett Alarcon
Ryan Christianson
Oscar Cardenas
Patrick Sena
David Garcia


released April 24, 2015

Album Credits:
Jarrett Alarcon - Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Bass
Ryan Christianson - Drums & Percussion
Oscar Cardenas - Guitar
Ryan Takach - Sax/Ukelele/Glockinspiel
Patrick Sena - Bass
Ralf Lopez - Keys Outro on "Spirit" and Production on "Indigo Remix"
Tanee West - Vocals



all rights reserved


Information Paradox Bakersfield, California

Funk/Progressive band based in Bakersfield California

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Track Name: Time Passes Quickly...
Colors overlap my vision
And so I'm falling in fission
Waiting for a sign, that won't come
I"m just in limbo and moved a couple steps
in another direction

(And I won't realize that she's gone and under through
And i won't realize that she's gone
Cauterized by sun and holding and holding onto the moon
And I won't realize that she's gone)

Captivated my mind into a shell
Weeping in an hourglass
Chess like, in a 4th dimension
Cognitive dissonance
playfully extracting my cells
Time Passes
Flash reaction

And I won't realize that I'm so far gone
So paralyzed by emotion
Few waves that I saw did sway
I sit and wait to fade
A slow and faint delay

Feelin so paralyzed
Occupy my thoughts with sighs
Gotta breathe deep just to get a second of relief
But she's the feelin of sand between my feet
on the beach
And I'm conscious overlooking
while I fall in deep
Seein the shapes and streaks
Feelin the blues and pinks
Complimenting purple and green
Our energies in sync
Feel the wave of the mood change
As I'm floating downstream
in this Cinnaberry dream
Track Name: Dwelling Pt. 1
28 days go by
Can't feel the magic of emotion
I know that it will swallow
all of my light
I haven't felt like myself
since the summer of '12
Everything screams in my dreams tonight
And I just feel like I can't see
Time passes too quickly
And I am just a dwelling
blue in the night

Feels like I'm speaking to the breeze
I can have whatever I breathe into existence
I'm feeling the presence
Weeping in an hourglass
Time just goes by way too fast
Moving in and out of feeling
blues and pinks
Minds asleep..
Track Name: Dwelling Pt. 2
She's the color of my mistakes
Oblivious to the after image
I really just want to know..
what I can't see
But i just go in and out
of feeling blues and pinks
For so long I was just falling off
And now I'm running in circles
What I sleep on...

If you make time, then I'll waste mine

So out of touch with my spirit..
Track Name: Spirit Energy
Gotta find my way
through this maze of confused days
I'm spirited away
A dried out blue sage
River spirit, disguised as a stink
Muddy green yellow thought I'd rather have pink
And so I sink
Falling away to light blue sounds
Suffocating as I drown
Cause I'm down with brown town
And I'm pinned straight down
While this hoax floats around
And I just can't seem to feel the right sound
I don't know where to go without light
dark inside,panning for gold
helplessly unaware of what's inside myself
Adapting to chaos, a spiritual seance
I feel my own pathos, I'm hit with the stasis
And am I good enough for you to be a product?
Or am I meant to be a blue collar?
What can I do to cure my insecurities?
Society is turning me into what I don't wanna be
Confusing me relentlessly
And so these thoughts are beaming and gleaming
My mind is screaming, and she's all I've been needing
But I just wanna get back to that innocent feeling

What is wealth when we're poor in the mind?
I feel so nervous but let's just enjoy the night
As I persist, I can feel the energy shfit
And insecurities at this moment don't exist

Energy, pulling me so closer
I can feel your heart beat just flowing now
She's moving with me on this
You should know, I won't cause you no harm

I'm on that blewberry yuck yuck mountainside
But all I really want is to be in between your thighs
Cause it just feels so natural to connect our minds
I can feel your spirit energy all over mine
So let it flow, just so you know
I can see the colors dance around you
like a psychedelic show
Feel our bodies getting warmer
As you let me take you over
Just pull me in closer as i kiss your shoulder
Track Name: Indigo Child Pt. 1
In my dreams I get so high
Colors overlap my sight
And I can't believe
Won't remember enough to recite
All this time I wonder why
It's all black and white
And it sways mind's eye
Always to the right
So dizzy I heave
Delayed sighs
Scenes intertwine
And i won't believe

My mind stuck in a prison
And her aura blurring out of my vision

Silence opened up my eyes to light
Polarity consciosness taking over my sight
Lacking a certain awareness
This woman I feel is a step to the presence

I want out, out of here

You feel what you feel and that's ok
But what can I do to just make that mind sway
Trying to balance emotion and logic
In between my shy hands, why this feels so ironic

Memories, they overwrite
Never want to alight
It's all make believe
Desperately trying to pry
Unifying consciousness despite
It's all black and white
Track Name: Indigo Child Pt. 2
And I hope that you'll say
that you wanna come with me
In my dreams, we're taking flight
I'm enveloped in your pink light
Talk to me in your sleep softly
In a scape of cosmic sight
And I wonder where you are
when I'm waking up to black and white

As I get up the feeling remains
of the events inside my brain
Self conscious thoughts that manifest
But I wake up and I regress
No control sewn on my mind so I digress
And if I forget what's in my mind then I'll just have to
recite something in reality
that i can fathom with all senses free
Cognitive dissonance playing its part
killing that energy

And I woke up and was in a different reality
of doing the same thing

Luna diviner in my mind
Moonlight in your eyes and I'm drawn
She's pulling closer, Our energies are taking over
Lean onto me, come lay with me inside
Too much emotion but come closer to me
Just stay with me tonight
Track Name: Cinnaberry
nostalgia waking me up inside my sleep
am i still dreaming or is this reality?
some hidden introspect inside this scene
subconscious calling me giving it meaning
i see a girl with pink hair
and she's all around painting feeling
nostalgia waking me up, cinnaberry
deep red and pink scattered throughout my blue dream
and from your scene it's blurry but you're all that i can see

only half you see
pink beauty
she makes me write poetry
you're perfect to me
lady let me in, you're pb and im finn
balance of yang and yin
cave of wonders full of colors
you're my cinnaberry girl all across the world
and if i could stay in place and make it swirl id be in tomorrow land
with you in thailand
i'm so oblivious cause i never realized
just how to appreciate your mind and whats inbetween your thighs
i get off when you're getting off
intertwine your softness with mine
and just let our energies align
i see a girl with pink hair
and she's all around painting feeling
nostalgia waking me up, cinnaberry
deep red and pink scattered throughout my blue dream

and i'm falling asleep to my thoughts in silence
it's inside of my chest a deep hole of conscious
it's purple and deep red making me so cautious
my awareness, a jaundice, complacent, in ignorance

in my soul, it grows
but i won't decide
this paopu fruit we bite, it intertwines
place your thoughts into mine and think from the right

I fell asleep
Dreaming you were next to me
Holding me tight
Your legs intertwined
Felt so real, I came to
Expecting to see you
Nobody to woo
I fell asleep
Track Name: Bakersfield Blues
this self destructive path we put ourselves on
has hit the road after dark
and if you have to ask i'll tell you what i sought
i sought to go and move on

it goes so slow

just wasted my summer not really feeling
it was just another season i cheated
and won't you just come here, and give me healing
and i can't help but wonder just what you're doing now

pay attention to all of the little things
that you build, in your heart, walls around
cause I can’t take this matrix of fakeness
i just wanna get out, need to get out
so content with complacency
again i'm walking aimlessly
denying myself so blatantly
can't catch up with this latency
Track Name: Which Way to Papaya Island?
I can still see the scene so vividly
the universe bleeding
Hanging onto the blue moon while gravity pulls me
But this reality is a lucid dream
Though i could not control the scene
This surreal affliction has got me twisted
Over and under got me so constricted

See these spirits i can't see are humiliating me
Controlling thoughts, influencing remarks
made to be apart of something i'm not
I'm feeling the wrong reluctance
Need the juice, the sustenance
I'm bashing my brain with substance
Out of touch with my spirit

I'm losing blue
pink drawn out too
less of what i knew
Cause i'm just a black and white floor
Just a black and white floor

What the hell am I doing here?
Well maybe I'm not supposed to be here
But what if i'm still just dreaming?
I just need to feel some sense of clarity
Cause I was painted a way that was not meant to portray

Every little thing
I ever wanted to say
gets tied up in my brain
incarcerated thoughts
not letting me speak
making me go insane
So misunderstood
But i wish it would rain

I fought just a little bit
And I thought i'd go insane
just to make it worse
I fought just a little bit
but i'm always waiting to refrain
from soft decay into my soul

I'm losing blue
pink drawn out too
Life doesn't want me with you
Cause I'm just a black and white floor
Just a black and white floor
Color me in, girl
Cause I'm just a black and white floor
Track Name: Indigo Remix Ft. Tanee West and Ralf Lopez
yeaaaaa you know iiiiiii luuv luu luu luuv youuu uu uu